We take care of you!
We guarantee clean and sanitized environments, using specific medical products for all surfaces, tapestries and environments, with hydrogen peroxide, at the correct concentrations, supplied by certified companies.



Thermometers for instantaneous temperature measurement

Telephone numbers to contact in case of medical need

Indications for the rules of conduct for Covid19

Disposable gloves available to the guest

Masks to be given to customers who do not wear them

Possibility to disinfect luggage

The marked safety distance between one guest and another

Employees wearing a mask and gloves

Sanitizers available for the guest

The objects supplied for use by the customer (e.g. bicycles, internet terminals) are sanitized before and after each use

The lift button panel is regularly sanitized

Dispenser with sanitizer in the lift

Possibility to check-in online before arrival, reserving the collection of documents and their subsequent registration only on arrival

The room key / card is left to the guest for the duration of the stay

The keys / cards and the related key holder are sanitized at each change of guest

The staff handling the luggage has gloves and masks available



Sanitation standards adopted reported

Indications of how the rooms are sanitized and how regularly they are given to the guest

The remote control (s) in the room are regularly protected

The room is thoroughly sanitized when the guest leaves

The courtesies used in the bathrooms are in a disposable version

Possibility to change the linen every two days or at the request of the guest

The staff in charge of the renovation of the rooms is equipped with individual protections



Properly protected exposed foods

Protective and disposable gloves (e.g. polyethylene) available to guests

Waste bins for personal protective equipment available to customers

On request, it is possible to take advantage of the in-room breakfast service

The breakfast room service is available to all types of room booked

It is possible to book breakfast times or food

Common areas


There is the signage with the required sanitation and regulations

There are information signs for maintaining distance and delimiting spaces

There are special bins for the disposal of gloves and masks and in general individual protection devices used

The seats in common use eg sofas, armchairs and chairs in the common areas are regularly sanitized

In the common toilets, sanitizing gel dispensing devices are available to the guest

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