Early birds or late risers?that's what holidays are all about: not knowing what time it is!

Early birds or late risers?

That's what holidays are all about: not knowing what time it is!

Taking it easy first thing in the morning, eating breakfast when you feel like it and not according to the demands of a busy schedule. From 7 to 11 take all the time you need; and even if you arrive at the last minute, you will still find exactly what you would expect, such as yoghurt, cold meats, scrambled eggs, not to mention local cheeses, juices, the Romagna doughnut (the one with the sugar grains on top) and the piadina, to be enjoyed with our jams and, yes, also with Nutella.

All this enveloped by the smell of properly made espresso coffee (who said that coffee in a hotel can’t be as good as that served in a bar?). And if you are vegan, have intolerances or allergies, we have a mouth-watering menu tailored just for you, with freshly baked cakes, such as vanilla or lemon, which are gluten-free and lactose-free.

Susanna's kitchen

This bountiful territory inspires us with recipes that follow the seasons and, whenever possible, draw on local raw materials. We prefer 0 km cuisine, the real thing, not from the wholesaler that is easiest to reach, but from the trusted local producer. Using short supply chains with produce that originates and is cultivated within a few kilometres. That is why we won’t always be able to offer you strawberries. Artichokes are on the menu until the end of June, whereas in July and August it’s the time for peach and apricot cakes, and the juiciest tomatoes prepared in a thousand ways. The one that’s always available is the famous piadina, which you simply cannot miss. In Rimini we make it soft and thin – but just travel a little further north and it becomes taller and thicker, but it’s just as good.

It is suitable at any time of day, so at breakfast and on the snack menu and with salads for lunch, together with prosciutto, rocket and squacquerone (our fresh, creamy cheese), or instead of bread to accompany salads.
The hands that choose and compose the ingredients that give life to our dishes are those of Susanna, born in Rimini, and assisted by Barbara, who prepares the savoury plumcakes with a touch of flavour from Umbria, her homeland. Also on hand in the kitchen is Sopo, born in Georgia but adopted by Rimini. You will probably see her in the breakfast room or at the bar, or even in the garden, busy tending to her beloved plants.

You can eat wherever you like, in the lobby lounges, in the small garden, or even in your room. And if you want to hang out on the beach and have lunch under the parasol, just ask when you place your order and we will bring your food to you, tasty and ready to eat.

Her Majesty the Piada: flour,
lard or oil, water and salt.

from Susanna's kitchen

Simple, quick, it has everything you need: goodness and nourishment.
Choose whatever variation you prefer and have fun.

  • PARSOT: Piadina with cured ham
    Crudo di Parma DOP ham, aged 18/24 months
  • SQUAQUARON: Piadina with cured ham and squacquerone cheese
    CCrudo di Parma DOP ham, aged 18/24 months, Squacquerone San Patrignano cheese
  • AZDORA: Piadina with cured ham, squacquerone cheese and rocket
    Crudo di Parma DOP ham, aged 18/24 months, Squacquerone San Patrignano cheese, rocket
  • INSALE’: Piadina with cured ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, salad
    Crudo di Parma DOP ham, aged 18/24 months, Fior di Latte mozzarella cheese, mixed salad
  • BURDELA: Piadina with cooked ham, mozzarella, salad
    Casa Modena cooked ham, Fior di Latte mozzarella cheese, mixed salad
  • LIGAZA: Piadina with tuna, scamorza cheese, mayonnaise, salad
  • Piada cassone with tomato and mozzarella
  • Piada cassone with cooked vegetables
  • LUVERIA: Piadina with Nutella


    Baguette with Parma ham, Fior di Latte mozzarella cheese, tomato, oregano, Evo oil
    Baguette with Fior di Latte mozzarella, EVO oil, tomato and basil
    Baguette with cooked ham, soft cheese, grilled courgette, EVO oil
    Baguette with tuna, salad, tomato and mayonnaise
    Sandwich with cold meats and/or cheese, of your choice
    Cassette bread, cooked ham and Fontina cheese. Mayonnaise on request.


    Mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, julienne carrots and courgettes, mozzarella, parmesan flakes, almond flakes and EVO oil
    Spelt, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan shavings, rocket and EVO oil
    Quinoa salad, feta cheese, black olives, red onion, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and EVO oil


  • ROMAGNOLA TASTING x 2 people
    Platters of cured meats and PDO cheeses, honey, vegetables in oil, piadina
    Mozzarella, tomato, basil, oregano and EVO oil
    Prosciutto crudo, burrata or buffalo mozzarella, confit cherry tomatoes and Evo oil.
    Cold basmati rice, cooked ham, peas, scrambled eggs and EVO oil
    Crudo di Parma DOP ham, aged 18/24 months and melon
    Fresh fruit slices au naturel
    With yoghurt and/or nuts
    Pie of the day
    Marmelade/Nutella tart
    Panna cotta in a shot glass
    Stuffed croissant
    Semifreddo-Ice cream
    Pancake: Accompanied with maple syrup and fresh fruit or nutella
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